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We are a boutique firm focused on highly-specialized legal services with a strategic vision, based on a deep knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business.

We create alliances that go beyond merely providing legal services to offer competitive intelligence to our clients, allowing them to make better business decisions.

Our passion for our work, with close attention to detail at all times, ensures that excellence is a constant in the services we provide.


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Adrián Partida Gómez

Academic Background.
Universidad Panamericana Law School in Guadalajara. Graduate Studies in the University of Guadalajara: a program on Intellectual Property Rights. General Course on Intellectual Property and Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights offered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants Distance Learning Course DL-205 (Introduction to the UPOV System of Plant Variety Protection under the UPOV Convention). Graduate studies in Copyright Law and Industrial Property at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduate studies in Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara with specialty in Intellectual Property Law. Seminar on DUS Testing at Colegio de Postgraduados Universidad de Chapingo, sponsored by the National Service Seed Inspection and Certification (“SNICS”). Master of Laws in Intellectual Property at Universidad Panamericana, Bonaterra Campus.  

Academic and Professional Activities.  
Former professor of Social Regulation of Intellectual Property Law and Copyright in Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente Law School in Guadalajara. Invited professor for the Master’s Degree in Business Law (Case Method) by the Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara Campus. Professor of Intellectual Property in the Doctorate in Engineering for Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente Law School in Guadalajara.
Consultant for Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (“SAGARPA”), National Association for Berries Exporters (“ANEBERRIES”) and Mexican Association of Seeds (“AMSAC”) in topics related to plant variety protection.
Speaker in various conferences and seminars related to intellectual property issues and plant variety protection.

Professional Membership.
Mexican Association for the Protection of the Intellectual Property, A.C., Mexican Group of AIPP, Member of the Mexican Bar: Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, A.C.  
Main Areas of Professional Practice.  
Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, Plant Varieties Protection, Commercial Law.  

Spanish and English.  

Paulina Ruiz González Luna

Academic Background.
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente Law School in Guadalajara (graduated with academic excellence).  
Master of Laws in Corporate Law by the Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara (graduated with honors).  
Exchange student at Leiden University Faculty of Law, in Leiden, the Netherlands. Graduate studies in Expert and Environmental Management coordinated by Orienta Agenda Publica and the Education Ministry of Jalisco.

Main Areas of Professional Practice.
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate, Foreign Investment.

Spanish and English.  

Pamela C. Mercado Patiño

Academic Background
Law degree by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, in Guadalajara.
Studied at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) School of Law, studying Foundations of Criminal Justice, Sociology and Social Problems, as well as Global Crime.

Main Areas of Professional Practice
Corporate Law and Intellectual Property.

Spanish, English and French.  

Vanessa A. Ibarra Hermosillo

Academic Background.
Law Degree by Universidad de Guadalajara Law School, graduated with academic excellence, received the Mariano Otero Award to the top of the 2012-2017 class.  
Attended the Diploma Program in Mecanismos de Solución de Controversias (MASC) validated by the Alternative Justice Institute of the State of Jalisco, 2019 ed.  
Certified as a Mediator by the Alternative Justice Institute of the State of Jalisco, period 2019-2022, in process of renovation.  
Master Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution by Universidad de Guadalajara Law School, graduated with academic excellence.

Academic and Professional Activities.
Universidad de Guadalajara CRES 55th edition Award to the best law student of the 2012-2017 generation.  
Nominated by Universidad de Guadalajara as participant of the pilot programme Proyecto para el Desarrollo y Evaluación de Competencias para el Aprendizaje en la Educación Superior of the Ministry of Public Education, in 2016.  
Satisfactory conclusion of the Curso Básico de Marcas by the Divisional Direction of Promotion and Technological Information Services organized by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, in 2019.  
Attended the Neurolinguistic Programming Workshop focused on Alternative Dispute Resolution by the State College of Psychologists in Intervention of Jalisco, A.C., 2019 ed.  
Attended the XVI World Congress of Mediation, 2020 ed.

Main Areas of Professional Practice.
Contract Law, Real Estate, Corporate Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Spanish and English.  

Corporate Law

Our corporate practice includes services in incorporating and start-up of operations for all kinds of partnerships, and civil and commercial corporations, as well as the day to day management of corporate acts and documents required by applicable laws in Mexico, including holding shareholders’ meetings and sessions of any corporate bodies, preparing and updating corporate books, records, and corporate or partnership share certificates, among others.

Our lawyers are prepared to provide specialized legal assistance to our clients in order to determine the best way to increase share capital, develop merger or spin-off processes, as well as stock purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, protecting minority shareholders’ rights, et cetera.

We actively participate in shareholders’ meetings and board sessions, recommending the best way to conduct business at such meetings. Similarly, we participate in the process of formalizing resolutions and agreements before public notaries, streamlining such proceedings for the benefit of our clients.

In addition, we have ample experience in the restructuring and organization of family businesses, as well as the implementation of corporate government which allows for clear policies and procedures, in order for such businesses to survive and transcend through many generations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide counsel on corporate legal matters such as the merger of business corporations, whether through take-overs or through the creation of a new corporation. We also provide legal advice on corporate legal matters and agreements with respect to the acquisition of corporations through share or asset purchase; all in accordance with corporate bylaws, the General Partnership and Corporations Law, and other applicable business legislation.

The foregoing is undertaken through a legal due diligence process in which all of the corporation’s departments participate, in order to understand the condition of, and any risk to, the corporations subject to a merger or acquisition.

Our team will accompany you in each of the stages, including the acquisition and sale of assets or liabilities of all kinds of companies, finding the most effective ways to adapt your businesses and continue to maximize your growth.

We also have expertise in undertaking mergers, spin-offs, restructuring, conversions, joint ventures and strategic alliances, always prioritizing the goals sought by our clients.


We offer specialized counsel to our domestic and foreign clients on a wide range of real- estate transactions within the residential, industrial, commercial and tourist sectors,  such as the sale, purchase and leasing of real-estate property, real-estate audits, development, construction, administration and operation of real-estate projects, as well as obtaining all permits and authorizations required for such projects

Our services include the purchase, sale, beneficial ownership, gratuitous loan, and leasing of properties, designing and structuring condominium or timeshare property systems, joint property systems, transforming communal property to private property, property management, development and implementation of real-estate trusts, property fusion and division, all through different contract forms and mechanisms which we have developed to protect our clients’ interests and requirements.

Due diligence and risk prevention

Due diligence is a tool in preventive legal counsel which allows clients to identify possible legal issues or unnecessary risks they could encounter, and allows for establishing measures to eliminate or  rework any issues, through an assessment of compliance with all obligations imposed upon the client by laws, regulations, agreements , et cetera, in order to undertake an evaluation thereof which will establish  priorities and solutions, reducing any possible impact.

A due diligence process is directed at understanding the possible impact of different aspects in the business and conducts a study of the risk factors which surround the company and its business. Likewise, the due diligence audit is an essential tool in mergers and acquisitions.

Our services in this area include analyzing our clients’ corporate, legal and administrative documents, preparing an opinion on the client’s legal status, which may include mapping findings and risks and, if applicable, designing a plan of action to ensure the company’s compliance and/or diminish any identified risks.


We offer advice on contracts and agreements from a comprehensive perspective, looking first to fully understand our client’s business, so that all contractual relations are established according to our client’s needs and within the appropriate legal framework.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in the design, analysis, review, negotiation and closing of all type of agreements related to civil law, commercial and administrative matters, and in  assisting the regular day to day operations of our clients in diverse sectors of industry and commerce, both within Mexico and abroad. 

Our services, customized for individuals as well as corporations, provide the legal certainty that upon entering into contracts, agreements or any type of legal transaction, future legal conflicts will be avoided, thus protecting our clients’ rights and assets.

Foreign investment

We counsel our foreign clients operating businesses in Mexico under different legal frameworks, as well as domestic clients who are looking for foreign investment to increase the scope of their business and their relations with foreign partners or investors.

We guide our clients in compliance matters regarding Mexican legislation, specifically in relation to  the Foreign Investment Law and its Regulations, performing all the obligations arising from their business activities. To this end, we provide assistance with all kinds of legal requirements, reports, notices, registration renewals, and any type of proceedings required by the National Foreign Investment Registry, conducting appropriate monitoring to ensure timely performance of the client’s obligations with respect to such authority.

Our legal assistance also includes the acquisition of real-estate property by foreigners inside or outside the Restricted Zone, “neutral investment”, and setting up trusts for the acquisitions of property or investment trusts.

Estate planning

Estate planning implies selecting appropriate actions, customized for each individual or company, allowing them to plan not only for foreseeable events, but also for unexpected contingencies that could affect their assets.

In striving to fully understand our clients’ business, we help them implement processes that facilitate the institutionalization and permanence of their company through time, always considering their financial position and family situation.

We helped them implement comprehensive strategies, using legal instruments such as family protocols, usufruct, probate laws, amendments to bylaws or trusts, all under the highest standards of quality and confidentiality anywhere in the industry.

Likewise, we conduct estate audits, focusing on analyzing the legality of any and all title to assets and assuming liabilities.  We restructure estates, prepare risk assessments, and design corporate and contractual strategies for asset succession and protection, fostering proper asset and estate transfer, to ensure the survival of companies through many generations.

Intellectual property

We value our clients’ capacity for innovation. Therefore, we strive for the fullest protection of their intellectual property through different mechanisms provided for in Mexican law, such as: trademarks, trade names, patents, utility models, industrial designs, trade secrets and artistic or literary works. We not only assist our clients in the registration of their intangible assets, but also in their protection and operation through licenses, technology transfer agreements and franchise agreements.  

Our team has broad experience in intellectual property. We have successfully represented producers’ and manufacturers’ associations in registering collective marks, drafting rules of use and bylaws, and defending designations of origin and geographical indications in foreign trade negotiations and commercial treaties.

Plant varieties

Our team has significant expertise in the protection of the plant varieties.

We offer specialized advice on obtaining and registering plant breeder certificates.

We successfully undertook the most emblematic litigation in Mexico regarding varieties of maize, which was representative due to its novelty and technical complexity.

We have worked with government agencies and private associations in the implementation of the UPOV 91 convention in national legislation. Likewise, we have designed public policies for the licensing of plant varieties generated by public research centers, connecting such centers with the private sector.

We have collaborated as consultants in international missions of the Mexican government related to the protection of plant varieties.

We are members of diverse technical groups of experts, established by the main authorities in the field, to determine the criteria for essentially derived varieties.

Civil, commercial and administrative litigation

We represent the interests of our clients in a wide range of legal disputes before local and federal authorities, in corporate matters as well as regarding real-estate ownership or title, termination of agreements or events of default, debt, and civil liability, among others.

We sponsor our clients in administrative proceedings and litigation in defense of their rights regarding acts of authority, including intellectual property matters.

In constant communication with our clients, we design legal strategies that adapt to their objectives and needs, and we implement such strategies with the highest professional and ethical standards, by putting together strong interdisciplinary teams.

Public policy

We respond to the specific requirements of public institutions designing solutions that favor the integration of the private and social sectors.

We create projects that promote national development through specialized regulatory and institutional analysis for the improvement of public administration and its regulatory framework.

We connect the legal perspective with a business vision and political intelligence to strengthen the sectoral goals of agencies and organizations.

Immigration Law

Our firm advises and represents individuals regarding the many migratory categories in Mexico. We have ample experience in document proceedings for temporary or permanent residence, work permits, migratory status compliance, visas and other proceedings before the National Institute of Migration, as well as in obtaining Mexican citizenship.

We offer comprehensive services to companies that employ foreign personnel, helping them to obtain employer registration certificates and providing assistance in all proceedings to ensure their legal stay in Mexico.